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Visiting Verona is like immerging in the ancient emotions of a city that, even if in constant expansion, still maintains the traditional values of its glorious medieval past. "There is no world outside these walls" Shakespeare used to say about Verona. This quote from the English poet also reflects the feelings striking the tourists when they pass by the city ancient walls.

It is certainly one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, a thriving city rich in history which today offers an old town full of shops and cafes. Not far from Lake Garda and other splendid cities in Veneto, Verona offers many things to see, from the Roman ruins to the Juliet balcony. In the historic centre, between the city walls that overlook the river Adige, you can easily move on foot or by public transport. Here you can choose, among the many itineraries, that of Romeo and Juliet, in the footsteps of Shakespeare (who, perhaps not everyone knows, has never been in Verona)

To the traveller who visits Verona remain impressed visual reminders not only of ancient architecture, its suggestive atmosphere that pervades the entire city, the streets and squares but also the inimitable flavours and the tastes of the typical cuisine that have been sustained over time by local tradition and makes indissoluble the bond with the wines of Verona, famous and appreciated all over the world.


Verona is one of the oldest and most beautiful Italian towns: it has 250,000 inhabitants and is the largest city in Veneto, after Venice. Close to Lake Garda, nestled on the banks of the Adige, at the foot of the Venetian pre-Alps, it enjoys a favourable climate position. Verona is located in the centre of the major roads which is the reason why it represents a great and famous commercial centre also thanks to its important industrial and agricultural production.

Its origins are uncertain, unsure is the meaning of the name Verona. In the third century B.C. it was populated by the Venetians but as early as 89 BC Verona became a Roman colony. Through Verona passed important Roman roads: Claudia Augusta, Postumia, Gallica. During the barbarian invasions, Theodoric chose Verona as headquarters of his reign and built a sumptuous castle on the hill of San Pietro. In medieval Verona became a free municipality and reached its peak with the Scala dynasty.

Verona is easily accessible by plane, train and streets from all the other Italian regions. There are two main places to find a cafe or restaurant in Verona: Piazza Bra and Piazza Erbe. For those who want to leave their cars at home there is a possibility of car rental verona airport, to travel in total comfort and extreme independence. Renting a car will give you all the freedom that a trip to Verona deserves in order to unveil its most beautiful corners. Did you know that on the first Sunday of January, February, March, April, May, October, November and December, museums and monuments in Verona only cost 1 euro?